Generix applies innovative technology to conquer the complex challenges that face the financial and insurance
industries. Our system not only make it easier these complex organizations, Our system:

Lower overhead by saving
countless hours and lowering
exposure to liability

Increase revenue through
effective customer engagement
and new offerings

Increase retention by providing a
richer customer experience.

Increase net growth through
insight gained via refined data.

We achieve this by improving
Back-office operational transactional efficiencies
Workflow quality
Data integrity
Customer satisfaction
Generix Software LTD is all about helping financial institutions focus
on what is important to them – managing their assets and servicing
their customers.
We do that by providing products and service that sholder the heavy
weight of day to day operational processes, compliance, customer
engagement, billing and the ever growing need to analyze the mass of data that financial institution and insurance companies accumulate.


Our source of strength

For over a decade our talented and specialized team of engineers and project managers have been
developing products and solutions that have enabled billions of financial transactions for leading banks, insurance and financial service companies.
Put simply “At GeneriX Software, our products and services, turn our client’s ideas into reality, enabling them to distinguish themselves from the rest of the market, while ensuring the highest standards of industry compliance, network security, quality outcomes, increased transparency, productivity and financial benefits for them and their customers”.
Generix Software, founded in 2007, has since its founding in 2007, Generix Software is leading the way in the development of core operational systems for financial asset management companies. Some products we have developed are:
Core operational platform for Provident funds, Study funds and Pension funds
Operational system for a portfolio and mutual fund management company
Claims management system for elementary insurance
Complete peer to peer lending system
Hedge fund CRM
Real Estate funds self service investment platform
Financial and insurance agencies platform
Generix Software was founded by experts from the financial and insurance industries as well as the software world.
 Over the years we have nurtured this expertise so that professionals at Generix understands 
products, operations, regulation, billing and customer engagement specifically in the financial industry.
When we provide a product or service we also provide great insight and experience as to how future
processes should work, Identifying compliance risks that our client may be running, the best way to engage with customers and partners. Generix is a vital part of the structuring of new processes that make organizations more efficient.

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