Provident/Study/Pension Funds Management system

Of all our platform this one encompases most of the challenges that our
customers face. The Generix Finansys system is an end to end management platform for an asset manager that manages Provident funds, Pension funds, study funds and other financial products that are heavy on regulation, internal process and are aimed at the long and midterm savings product. The heart of the system is Managing all the information related to a customers, accounts, funds and agents. This data is used to run operational processes in the organization, manage customer engagement, secure compliance with regulation, manage all billing process with agents and other customer pipeline providers. The Generix Finansys platform boasts a high level of process automation. This automation, extends the limits of the organization, the platform simultaneously integrates with the banking administration platforms
and with external customer acquisition software. Generix Finansys has been running in Major financial institutions for over 10 years. Amongst them are Altshuler Shaham, Ayalon, Excellence, Migdal, Leumi Bank and more…


Portfolio Management/ Mutual Fund Management System

The Generix KTC platform is an end to end operational system that helps running a financial portfolio management company and a mutual fund management company. KTC integrates with traditional trading back office systems and creates layers that serve as a platform for customer services and engagement, operational processes and the management of compliance to regulation.
The KTC platform holds all customer and account information and provides the organization with a data rich environment that helps the organization understand better their customer’s needs and serve these needs effectively. The system has been running effectively for the last 8 years, throughout this time many modules have been added including an agent billing system, insider trading compliance, mailing and statement production system.


Real Estate Funds Management Company platform

Worldwide low interest rates in recent few years have pushed investors to look for alternatives. The same low interest rates have channeled large sums of money to real estate inflating real estate prices. This new reality has brought an abundance of entrepreneurs organizing investors to buy into holdings in real estate deals. In some cases these entrepreneurs have become substantial companies that organize a large number of such deals and have a rolodex of, sometimes, thousands of customers.
Generix ForReal is a platform that enables these companies and/or entrepreneurs to manage their whole operation and interact with their customers and potential customers digitally. The platform can be broken down to three main parts:
• CRM, data collection and lead management – This part is used in order to manage all leads, customer service and aggregate all data concerning the customer including personal information, banking information, holdings and so forth.
• Investment and Distribution engine – This part allocates funds inflow and out flow between the SPV (special purpose vehicle that usually holds the asset), GP’s, LP’s and other potential partners.
• Web interface – This includes deal marketplace, deal specifics, registration, deal application personal account and personal areas


Peer to Peer Lending Platform

Generix Lendex is an end to end P2P Lending platform. The platform includes lender/investor registration, personal areas, deal marketplace, backend CRM system, plugins to a credit scoring engine and so forth.

Generix Hedge

Hedge Fund CRM

Recent years growth in the hedge fund industry has gave birth to the need to manage all customer interaction, operation and compliance of a hedge fund company. In many cases as a hedge fund company grows a fund or a new fund is created a layer of complexity is added.
Generix Hedge handles all the complexity and manages the investors balance and distribution of funds. The platform has full API’s in order to integrate wit 


Insurance Claims Management System

Claim process management – this part takes into account all regulation and operational process throughout the lifetime of an insurance claim. As part of the management of the main claim process the system handles all insurance customer interaction including web interfaces for videoing and stills capturing of damages, interactive professional’s lists, and the sending out statements.
• Field service management – the online management of all professionals operating within a claim. One of the most crucial parts in this subsystem is the evaluation of damages caused to an insurance customer. BPO’s are provided with video streaming technology with which professional can stream what they are seeing to their operations center, this insures that damage evaluation will be reliable and professional. This sort of monitoring secures a good service experience for customers on one hand and cost reduction for insurance companies on the other hand.
• API’s with insurance companies – Insurance companies outsource some of their processes because it makes business sense but they still have to monitors the BPO’s operation, performance and processes. Generix Netz has a set of over 20 API’s that can provide almost all data that the platform creates to the insurance company and naturally receive all customer information from insurance companies in different kinds of technological methods. The Generix Netz platform has already served tens of thousands of claims transactions providing peace of mind to insurance companies such as Menora, Harel, Hachshara and Shirbit